Welcome to PTAWUG

Q : Why would I want to join PTAWUG?

PTAWUG is a wireless network that allows users to do anything they would normally do on a network – play games, share files, VoIP, etc. anything that can run on TCP/IP.
It also offers a great learning experience, as all users learn to use and understand wireless equipment.
PTAWUG offers a free communication medium for all non-profit and non-commercial uses. The network is built and maintained by the users.

Q : What hardware will I need to join the WUG and how much will it cost?

Preferably a router board and a mini-pci radio that can do 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz as well as an antenna. For more info see our getting started section for a list of hardware you will require and visit www.scoop.co.za or www.miro.co.za

Depending on your location and distance from the highsite the cost will be between R1600 and R1800 to buy your own 5.8ghz equipment to connect. See the ads from miro and scoop on the top of this page.

Q : What is the difference between the standard kits from Miro and Scoop?

No difference in the hardware, price may differ.

Q : Can I use 2.4ghz equipment to connect to a 5.8ghz highsite?

No, 2.4ghz connects to 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz to 5.8ghz, they are not interchangeable. The Standard PTAWUG kit contains a dual band radio, so you can take off the 5.8ghz grid and fit a 2.4ghz grid to connect to a 2.4ghz highsite.

Q : Do you provide internet?

NO, we are NOT an internet service provider.

Q : Can I use PTAWUG to link different branches of my business together?

NO, PTAWUG is a non-profit, non-commercial organisation, we are not allowed (by ICASA) to do anything commercial on the network.

Q : How can I make money using PTAWUG?

PTAWUG is a non-profit and non-commercial network, no commercial activity is allowed on the network as per ICASA regulations. PTAWUG is not a business.

Q : What speeds and latency can I expect?

With a good signal, and proper line of sight, you CAN get up around 2-30ms latency and speeds varying between 1Mbps and 8Mpbs (depending on your connection). Please note this is not guaranteed and varies depending on your location and equipment.

Q : My area is not highlighted on the coverage map?

WiFi is not an exact science and the coverage map is only an approximation of the coverage. Please plot you location on www.wug.za.net – a line of sight diagram and LOS photos is the best way to determine if you will be able to connect. See the getting started guide on www.wug.za.net or on www.ptawug.co.zafor more information.

Q : Will this affect my home wifi network?

Not at all, PTAWUG only runs on 5.8ghz, home WiFi networks run on 2.4ghz.

Q : Why doesn't wug.za.net want to accept my location coordinates?

Please ensure that your coordinates are in the Decimal degree format – set Google Earth to display it that way by clicking Tools -> Options -> set the format to Decimal degrees. Your coordinates should then look something like this : -25.5645, 28.83234.

Q : How do I get connected?

Read the Getting Started section, then read it again, if you have a specific question – mail ptawug@gmail.com

Q : I have all the equipment installed, aligned and I am pointing directly to the highsite. Why can I still not see the AP when scanning?

Switch your radio’s country setting to “South Africa”

Q : Why can’t I register or log in on on www.ptawug.co.za ?

This feature is only available to connected members and is used for administration.

Q : How are PTAWUG Highsites funded?

By donations from the user community, as well as other organisations like mybroadband.co.za and rebates that we receive from our suppliers – miro and scoop.

Q : Will my PC more vulnerable for attack/hacking & viruses when I connect to the PTAWUG?

No, but if you need help with securing your PC, connect to irc.ptawug.co.za and ask us for help there.
There are 1 billion people on the internet, to which you are currently connected and about 500 on PTAWUG, you are responsible for your own security (just like on the internet).
Every member is responsible for the security of his own home network. A good and free firewall is Comodo Firewall. It can be found at www.comodo.com

Q : I have lots of questions that aren’t answered on this page

Connect on our IRC server – irc.ptawug.za.net and ask us there. If possible remind us (ask for user Abraham or ProtZkroG) to add your question to this section, as it may prove to be helpful to someone else.

Q : I received my IP’s but can’t connect

Before going onto irc check the following or face the Consequence
1 Check that you have a route to your rb – cmd > route print
2 ping your router > cmd > ping 172.*.*.*
3 do a trace to the wiki to see if the problem is on your kit or on a HS – Cmd > tracert
4 Check if you can ping the wiki from your RB – winbox > tools > ping
5 Check that you have a route from RB to HS – winbox > ip > routes – should have with gateway
6 Toggle nstreme on/off > winbox > interfaces > wlan > nstreme
9 go to irc
10 do a !ping <<HS>> and see if Roomys or another bot replies maby HS is down/broken