Welcome to PTAWUG

PTAWUG’s main form of communication is IRC – so if you have ANY questions or want to discuss something regarding the network please connect to IRC – irc.ptawug.co.za #ptawug

  1. Register on www.wug.za.net – this is the main site for all the WUGs in ZA (DBN, CT, JHB, etc.) and is used to keep record of all the nodes, highsites, links, coverage.
  2. Please ensure that you choose your wug to be PTAWUG.
  3. Activate your account and log in to www.wug.za.net.
  4. Using Google Earth (earth.google.com 14MB) to get the coordinates for your location (please use the decimal degrees-only format eg. -25.5764, 28.4634 … To set google earth to display it this way click Tools -> Options and set the coordinate format to Decimal Degrees
  5. If you can not use Google Earth (blocked by firewall or policies etc.) you can use www.wikimapia.org to find your coordinates. Browse to your house, put the cross in the middle of the screen on your house then look at the URL for the page. The URL wil look something like this : http://www.wikimapia.org/#lat=-25.724021&lon=28.223405&z=16&l=0&m=a&v=2
    in the URL you will find the coordinates after the lat and lon keywords - in this case it will be : -25.724021, 28.223405
  6. Click CONNECT HERE and enter your locations details (the height input is the height above the ground that you will be able to mount an antenna, at least 5m). Please give your node an descriptive name, prefrably your nickname. Please don’t name your node House or My Place or something like that – nodes with undescriptive names are useless on the KML.
  7. When your location is added you can download the google earth KMZ file to see all the other nodes on the network and see which highsites are near you. Open the KMZ file with Google Earth. Please note that the locations on the KML is randomised by 50m to 100m for privacy reasons, so your plotted location wont be on your house. Using the KMZ look for Operational Access Points or Operational Transit nodes. Also look at the beams eminating from the highsites – you have to fall within or outside the rounded side of the beam eg. if the beam points North and you are to the South, the antenna providing coverage doesn’t face you.
  8. Have a look at www.wug.za.net/download.php – on the right there is a legend for the icons on the google earth KML. Yellow = 2.4ghz, Red = 5.8ghz.
  9. To check if you have theoretical line of sight to a highsite you can draw a LOS diagram by clicking Line of Sight (LOS) and then select your location and one of the Highsites (or any other location) from the list. Highsites are where users connect to, if you dont have line of sight to a highsite – you might be able to connect through another use – but that user will have to put up more equipment for you to connect to. If the red line runs from the one node to the other without running through the black profile – your have theoretical LOS, if there are no buildings or trees in the way. You need to check weather an antenna points to you from the highsite – the KML shows where antennas point as red beams eminating from the site.
  10. Having a good LOS diagram does not gaurentee that you will be able to connect – LOS needs to be confirmed by physically looking from one site to another.

 Clear Line of Sight

Clear Line of SightClear Line of Sight



NO Line of Sight


Line of Sight picture and signal tests