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  • Click on IP > Addressess







  • Determine your routerboard eth1 IP address by looking at your IP address range in the Client IP ranges. As in the example above, the range is so you will assign the first IP( in your range to your routerboard. You do this by clicking on IP -> ADDRESS in winbox and then the add button (+). A address window will pop up and then you must add the address( and ensure that the interface is ether1.
  • Now Determine your routerboard wlan1 IP. In the example it would be and remember to assign it to the wlan1 interface (Tip: A common mistake for new wuggers is to also increase their wlan1 IP like they did with their eth1 IP. You should not do this because your wlan1 IP is a IP that was assigned to you out of the Highsite IP range by a admin.)


  • Add your route to the wug on the wlan interface by clicking on IP > Routes and entering a route of with your gateway. In this example the gateway assigned is, please use the gateway assigned to you in the Client IP ranges page.



















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