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These steps have to be completed by you, the IP bitch can not perform these.

  • Configure your Ethernet device on your PC with one IP higher than your RB, in this case: with a mask of DNS= and the gateway should be the IP of your RB, in this case


  • The last step would be to add a new persistent route. As in the example above, the command should be : “route -p ADD MASK″ (note that the last IP address here is the IP of your RB)
  • When using Windows Vista of Windows 7 – run command prompt as administrator to be able to add routes.

















  • You should now be able to ping and access other hosts on the wug e.g ping


If you want to connect to both the WUG and ADSL with your PC do the following

  • Setup PC as in step 3.(The step above^).
  • Now go to advanced in your TCP/IP Properties window and add your IP for your ADSL network and add the default gateway for ADSL as well.
  • Click on the DNS tab in the advanced window and add your ADSL router IP for DNS.
  • Open CMD and type: route -p add mask [ADSL Router IP]

Setup of RB connected to an ADSL or similar router