Welcome to PTAWUG

Here is a rough guide how to setup yor RB and PC for new 172.20 IP’s on ptawug. An additional guide is also given if your RB is plugged into an ADSL or similar router. It is assumed that Windows XP is used as Operating System and that you have a MikroTik RouterBoard(RB). It is also assumed that you have your PC connected directly to your RB via a lan cable or switch at this stage of setup.

Users who wish to NAT or use both their internet and WUG connections from one PC is advised to seek help on #ptawugged. Do not ask the person who helped you to get an IP to help you by means of a Private Message on the IRC. The admin person is only expected to help you get an IP range, configure the HighSite for your range and get your first Windows XP PC connected directly to the WUG. Users with non standard hardware or operating systems should seek help on the general IRC channels or do the necessary research themselves.

Should you need help or experience problems. Make use of the resources on the general IRC channels!



Setup of RB with direct connection to your PC