Welcome to PTAWUG

  1. Get onto IRC and discuss your scenario – how high the house, poles, brackets, how far from highsite etc. – DO NOT BUY ANYTHING BEFORE YOU HAVE DISCUSSED YOUR SCENARIO AND SETUP ON IRC
  2. The the wug reserves the right to refuse a connection to anyone deemed undesirable.
  3. Please note – Trees to influence signal, especially on 5.8ghz, so if you do not have CLEAR line of sight to a highsite from the point you want to mount your antenna, rather do a signal test before buying equipment. Clear line of sight means that you have to be able to physically see the highsite with your eyes (or binoculars).
  4. Once we are sure you will be able to connect and exactly what equipment you will need, you can buy from Miro – www.miro.co.za (they are in Midrand, PTAWUG has a dealer account at Miro) or from Uniterm – www.dbg.co.za, they are in JHB, Wirecom in Centurion or Scoop www.scoop.co.za in Midrand, or any other supplier you wish to buy from.
  5. PTAWUG has an agreement with miro.co.za and scoop.co.za and gets lower prices than normal dealer prices. We also get a 10 percent rebate on eveything that is bought on the accounts – that money goes toward putting up new highsites and improving current ones.
  6. To order equipment from Miro, mail christiaan@miro.co.za to order on the PTAWUG account, EFT the money and pick up.
  7. To order from Scoop mail steven@scoop.co.za to order on the PTAWUG account, EFT the money and pick up..
  9. On the donations section of the site there will be a list of equipment currently needed to maintain and upgrade the highsites. As highsites aren’t free, and everyone uses them – they are the backbone of the network – each member is asked to make a donation of hardware towards the highsites . These donations will be recorded and displayed on the website. This donation is necessary to maintain all highsites and not only the highsite you will be connecting to.
  10. PTAWUG mostly uses 5.8ghz equipment, but there are some highsites like Hammanskraal which broadcasts on 2.4ghz – they have yellow beams on the google earth KML.

Standard PTAWUG WiFi Kit