Welcome to PTAWUG

  1. If you are not sure that you have line of sight to a highsite – get on your roof and take HIGH RESOLUTION pictures in every direction that you have a clear view (don’t take pictures of trees), then email them to ptawug@gmail.com – it will be forwarded to the appropriate regional go to guys to see if they can spot a highsite.

  2. Check the Highsite Locations page for info about what to look for to spot the highsites.
  3. There is mobile LOS test equipment available to do signal tests at persons wanting to connect but have not bought kit yet, and you can organize on IRC with one of the current members to come to your location and check if they can establish a connection with the highsite using the dedicated test equipment.
  4. To organize a signal test please send a mail with your details to ptawug@gmail.com – it will be forwarded to the tester for the area you are in, he will contact you to set a time and date for the test. Signal tests are free of charge, wuggers take turns to keep the test kits and test signal at interested persons. Please include your address, cell number, node name on wug.za.net and the highsites that you have theoretical line of sight to, in the email.
  5. Please note that a signal test will not be done if you have not taken pictures from your roof and emailed them. The reason for this is that some people have CLEAR line of sight to highsites, can see the antennas with their bare eyes, to do a test is a waste of time as a connection will be easily possible.
  6. Please connect and stay on IRC for quick feedback and response from the signal testers after you have made direct contact with them on email.


Doing signal tests at Silverton Highsite

Line of sight from Constantia Park


Getting the equipment