Welcome to PTAWUG

  • Scan and connect to the highsite – for this step come on IRC – irc.ptawug.co.za #ptawugnew
  • Use the following commands in #ptawug on IRC : ?? admins > your_nickname eg. (?? admins > Pietie) to get the instructions on how to request an IP and a list of users who can allocate IPs. Use !seen nickname if the users are not around. this will tell you if they are online but not in the channel and/or will leave them a message that you were looking for them.
  • Once you have an IP address and your PC is configured, please use to access the internal wiki.


  • If you have questions mail ptawug@gmail.com

Join the Global and your Highsite/Area Mailing List

  • Once you are connected please join the PTAWUG Global Mailing List as well as your area or highsite mailing list. This way you will stay up to date with happenings on PTAWUG, issues or upgrades on your highsite. You can also easily ask questions and get help.

Common mistakes when trying to connect

  • PROBLEM: I don’t pick up any www.ptawug.co.za SSIDs. SOLUTION: Make sure your radio’s country is set to South Africa and not “no_country_set”.
  • PROBLEM: I don’t pick up anything when I scan. SOLUTION: 1. Make sure your Band is set to 5ghz in winbox. SOLUTION: 2. Make sure that you have assembled you grid antenna correctly, as per the picture above. SOLUTION: 3. Check that you have connected you pigtail to the MAIN connector on your radio and that the Antenna Mode in winbox is set to ‘antenna a’.
  • PROBLEM: When I click connect in the scan window it does not want to connect – displays ‘Searching for network’ in the wireless tab. SOLUTION: Some sector antennas (especially in Centurion) run Mikrotik nstreme protocol – enable nstreme on your radio, click Advanced and then enable nstreme in the nstreme tab.
  • PROBLEM: My router board keeps disconnecting me from winbox. SOLUTION: 1. Set any static IP on your network card and then try again. SOLUTION: 2. Use the Mikrotik Neighborhood Viewer to connect to your router board.

Router board and PC IP Setup