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This is the recommended equipment to get, except if you are VERY far or VERY close to a highsite, in that case please connect on IRC and ask first.

We recommend the Router board 433 as this will enable you to link to more than one highsite (using another radio and grid), thus improving your speed as well as providing redundancy on the network. It will also give you the possibility of providing coverage to other wuggers.
By buying the 433  you will be able to help the wug expand and grow, chances are that you will connect to a highsite that has grown from a single client to connect to linking to more than one highsite ans providing coverage to new users like you.



 Code  Description
 MT-RBGV52HPN  MikroTik RBGroove52HPn L3 Outdoor WiFi Radio
 KB-5826-GRID  5GHz – Grid Antenna – 26 dBi, Wideband (5150-5850) Beamwidth 6H, 9V



 Code  Description
RB-GROOVE52  MikroTik RBGroove52HPn L3 Outdoor WiFi Radio
ANT-G527  27dbi 5.8ghz Grid Antenna






 5.8ghz Grid









Groove L3
















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